Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Argentina 3 - Brazil 0: Aguero makes magic; Olympics football history

Argentina beats Brazil 3-0 (Aguero twice, Riquelme) and will face Nigeria in the final. At Atlanta 96 the African Team won the gold medal against Argentina U-23: they won 3-2.

Former Medal Winners

Gold / Silver / Bronze

1900 Great Britain France Belgium, Great Britain B
1904 Canada USA USA B
1906 Denmark Smiyrna (International Team) Greece
1908 Great Britain Denmark Netherlands
1912 Great Britain Denmark Netherlands
1920 Belgium Spain Netherlands
1924 Uruguay Switzerland Sweden
1928 Uruguay Argentina Italy
1932 no Olympic football tournament
1936 Italy Austria Norway
1948 Sweden Yugoslavia Denmark
1952 Hungary Yugoslavia Sweden
1956 Soviet Union Yugoslavia Bulgaria
1960 Yugoslavia Denmark Hungary
1964 Hungary Czechoslovakia East Germany
1968 Hungary Bulgaria Japan
1972 Poland Hungary Soviet Union, East Germany
1976 East Germany Poland Soviet Union
1980 Czechoslovakia East Germany Soviet Union
1984 France Brazil Yugoslavia
1988 Soviet Union Brazil West Germany
1992 Spain Poland Ghana
1996 Nigeria Argentina Brazil
2000 Cameroon Spain Chile
2004 Argentina Paraguay Italy

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